Signature Landscapes Limited Warranty

At Signature Landscapes Inc. we believe that word-of-mouth is the best advertising that a company can use! We have an outstanding reputation at Signature Landscapes Inc. and that is why we rely on our customers to spread the word. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction.

Our plant warranty is this. All plant material is 100% guaranteed through Oct 1 of the installation year. Guarantee depends greatly on proper care of plant material. Replacement is one time only. Plant material subject to improper care (over watering, no watering), animal damage, and natural causes beyond control carry no guarantee. Plant material not installed by Signature Landscapes Inc, plants subject to non-approved automated irrigation systems and accounts not paid in 30 days will void guarantee.

Our extended warranty contracts are for the purpose of saving a customer charges for plant material that is subject to natural environmental conditions. Extended warranties are available as follows: 1 year plants, 1 year plants and labor, 2 year plants, and 2 year plants and labor.

Hardscape Limited Warranty

Labor on all hardscape projects such as patios, retaining walls and water features has a non-transferable 10 year limited warranty. All hardscape projects are expected to move, shift and settle evenly over time. The warranty will cover any drastic or unacceptable movement, shifting or settling on projects 100% installed by Signature Landscapes Inc. The warranty will not cover areas within 18” of a basement foundation.

Labor on low maintenance deck projects carries a non-transferable 10 year limited warranty. Warranty is dependant on proper maintenance of deck according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

We believe our warranties are the best in the industry. We at Signature Landscapes Inc. take pride in the work that we do and will stand behind our work 100%. All materials carry their own manufacturer's warranty.

  • Work shall be completed in a workmanlike manner within a reasonable time subject to material availability or other matters over which Signature Landscapes Inc. has no control.
  • Warranty work on landscapes over 30 miles from Fargo will be subject to a fuel surcharge.
  • Extended Warranty carries the same stipulations as limited warranty.
  • Ask about pricing.

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